America gets tough on China, instructions given to Defence Department to proceed

US Army Defense Department

Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has instructed the Defence Department to better address China’s security challenges.

Based on final recommendations from the division’s China task force, the Pentagon said the guidelines were developed in consultation and coordination with partners from various agencies and will work at multiple levels within departments, agencies and Chinese politics in the White House.

Many plan to streamline and strengthen cooperation with US allies and partners, particularly in the Indo-Pacific.

Austin said: “The initiatives I am taking today are rooted in the broader approach the US administration is taking to China and will help shape the evolution of the national defence strategy we are working on. Now is the time to move forward. ”

He said: “The efforts I lead today are aimed at revitalizing the network of our allies and partners, strengthening deterrence and developing new operational concepts, new capabilities, the motto of future power and modern civil and military work. to accelerate growth.”

According to the Pentagon, the instructions also justified Austin’s intention to directly monitor the Department of Defence’s policies, operations and intelligence related to China, as the task force’s recommendations have been incorporated into ongoing assessments and department-wide processes.

President Joe Biden announced the creation of a task force last February. It had a specific mission: to conduct a fundamental review of China’s programs, policies and procedures within the Ministry of Defence, and to present to the Secretary a set of priorities and recommended actions for the Ministry.

Members of the task force were from the Department of Defence, including representatives from all services, various combat commands, the Chiefs of Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defence and the intelligence community.

During its tenure, the task force conducted hundreds of interviews and reviewed thousands of pages of guidance, analysis and information. The report was presented in April.

The Pentagon said in a background report that the recommendations will help develop a national defence strategy and other ongoing assessments and processes.

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