Concerned about COVID-19 re-infection? Study exhibits how lengthy immunity lasts

A research performed in Britain confirmed that people who recovered from COVID-19 has immunity lasting for at the least six months after the primary an infection. The outcomes are based mostly on the research of healthcare staff on the frontline of the battle in opposition to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is really good news because we can be confident that, at least in the short term, most people who get COVID-19 won’t get it again,” stated David Eyre, a professor at Oxford`s Nuffield Department of Population Health, who co-led the research.

It is to be famous that there have been stories of remoted cases of re-infection with COVID-19 which raised severe issues among the many people about immunity being short-lived, and sufferers contracting COVID-19 swiftly after the primary an infection.

However, the research carried out in a cohort of UK healthcare staff confirmed that cases of re-infection are more likely to stay extraordinarily uncommon.

During the research,  89 of 11,052 employees with out antibodies developed a new an infection with signs, while not one of the 1,246 employees with antibodies developed a symptomatic an infection.

The research, a part of a significant employees testing programme, lined a 30-week interval between April and November 2020. Its outcomes have not peer-reviewed by other scientists however had been printed earlier than review on the MedRxiv web site.

Staff with antibodies had been additionally much less more likely to check positive for COVID-19 with out signs, the researchers stated, with 76 with out antibodies testing positive, in comparison with solely three with antibodies. Those three had been all effectively and didn’t develop COVID-19 signs, they added.

(With Reuters inputs)


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