Coup in Sudan: The army scored the government; 7 civilians killed in protest demonstrations, 140 injured

In Sudan, the army has made a coup. On Monday night the army stripped power from the government and announced the rule over the country. After this, the citizen of the country came down on the road and started protesting. In these demonstrations, 7 people died, while 140 people were injured.

General Abdal Fattah Al-Burhan also dissolved the military-citizen ruler committee. This council was formed two years ago to apply Democracy in the country after removing dictator Omar al-Bashir from power.

2023 will be given power to the government selected in elections

Burhan has implemented an emergency in the country. He has said that the army will have to protect the country. He promised that elections will be in July 2023 and then power will be handed over to the government. He said that the country’s dreams and the expectations of the youth have come under danger. DO

Sudan’s Information Minister, who are still faithful to Prime Minister Abdulla,

He wrote in a Facebook post that in the event of a change, the Constitution only gives the Prime Minister that they apply emergency in the country, the steps that have been taken from the army are a crime. Hadok is still legally head.

America stopped $ 70 million

The US Foreign Ministry said that there is no information about where we are and how is it. At present, America is stopping help to $ 70 million given to Sudan. United Nations Security Council is going to discuss Sudan today.

White House spokesman Karin Jean Piye said, “We reject these actions of the army and demand the release of the Prime Minister and other leaders kept in the house Arrest.”

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