Covid: Infectious new ‘AY.4.2’ pressure of Delta variant detected within the US

A new sub-lineage of the extremely contagious Delta variant that is spreading all through the UK has been detected within the United States.

A new sub-lineage of the extremely contagious Delta variant that is spreading all through the UK has been detected within the United States, health officers stated on Wednesday.

AY.4.2 is being carefully monitored within the UK after British health officers revealed that the new variant – reported to be 10 to fifteen per cent extra transmissible that Delta – had been linked to a rising variety of Covid-19 infections there.

Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, confirmed throughout a Covid-19 briefing on Wednesday that AY.4.2 has been discovered within the US.

Dr Walensky stated the new variant, which she acknowledge has “drawn some attention in recent days”, has not been linked to any clusters throughout the nation.

“We have, on occasion, identified this sub-lineage here in the United States, but not with recent increased frequency or clustering to date,” Dr Walensky stated.

“At this time, there is no evidence that the sub-lineage AY.4.2 impacts the effectiveness of our current vaccines or therapeutics and we will continue to follow.”

She added, “In the United States, Delta remains the dominant variant with more than 99.7 per cent of sequence cases in the country being caused by Delta.”

A CDC spokesperson advised The Post that AY.4.2 was “very rare” within the US – with “less than 10” cases discovered up to now, which accounts for lower than 0.05 per cent of sequenced cases.

The CDC has not confirmed in what US states AY.4.2 has been detected.

Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted concerning the variant over the weekend, calling for “urgent research to figure out if this Delta plus is more transmissible” or has “partial immune evasion”.

Experts advised the UK’s Financial Times that AY.4.2 appeared to be 10 to 15 per cent more transmissible than the unique Delta variant.

British health officers stated final week they had been carefully monitoring AY.4.2 after the latest knowledge confirmed 6 per cent of Covid-19 cases within the nation had been linked to the new variant.

AY.4.2 has not been labelled as “under investigation” or a “variant of concern” within the UK.

Experts stated there was no early indication that AY.4.2 would turn out to be the dominant variant and that it was unlikely to alter the present Covid image.

“Discovery of new variants is of course important to monitor, but it doesn’t indicate that that new variant is going to be the next one to replace Delta,” Oxford Vaccine Group chief Andrew Pollard advised BBC radio on Wednesday.

“Indeed even if it does, Delta is incredibly good at transmitting in a vaccinated population and a new one may be a bit better but it’s unlikely to change the picture dramatically from where we are today.”

This article initially appeared on NY Post and was reproduced with permission

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