Girl catches man who was taking secret pictures of her, video goes VIRAL

A woman and her buddy are incomes reward from netizens after they confronted a man who adopted and secretly took photos of them in public.

The ladies had been strolling by means of an airport when the man began following them. The ladies had been knowledgeable by the people that the man had been taking their photos secretly.

The ladies then determined to confront him and filmed the entire change on smartphone and then shared it on TikTok.

In the video, one woman is heard saying to the man: “Were you taking photos of us? We were just told you were taking photos of us.”

The other then requested: “Is there any way we could see your camera roll?”

The man declined and mentioned, “Why can’t we see your camera roll if you weren’t taking pictures of us? Can you just pull out your camera roll?”

The man tried to stroll away from the spot however the girls adopted him and saved on asking him questions concerning the pictures. The man then replied, “No that’s okay, I wasn’t [taking pictures] don’t worry about.”

The man then appears to confess to clicking the pictures and tells the pair he’ll “get rid of it”, with one of many girls responding: “Sir, it’s really weird to take pictures of females in public without their permission. So you should never do that again. Imagine if we were your daughter or someone related to you. It’s not okay, so delete them.”

When the man informed the ladies that he would delete their pictures, the girl pressured him to delete them in entrance of her. “[Delete them] in front of me right now… you think I’m joking? Delete them in front of me right now. I see you shaking. I see the photos. I see the photos right there, delete them,” mentioned the girl.

The girls later discovered that the man had clicked 5 pictures of the women and was unwilling to delete them after they requested him to do that. 

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