Grant Thornton Bharat rolls out limitless leaves policy, choice to work from anyplace

Grant Thornton Bharat has introduced a slew of measures to empower its workers and provides them better work-related flexibility within the post-Covid world, mentioned a press release issued right this moment.

These embrace the introduction of a limiteless leaves policy – versus a predetermined variety of paid leaves, the choice to work from anyplace, and optimised and collaborative workspaces.

“As the firm that is known to challenge the status quo, it is our constant endeavour to ensure that our people have unrivalled empowerment,” mentioned Vishesh Chandiok, CEO at Grant Thornton Bharat.

The firm is the primary accounting agency in India to supply a versatile depart policy, empowering workers to take possession of their leaves and plan their annual and common breaks upfront for the 12 months.

“The earlier maximum is the new minimum (for leaves). We live in a new world where a culture of total trust is the foundation. The new policy propels our firm’s culture tenet of #AssumePositiveIntent,” mentioned Chandiok.

The ‘work from anywhere’ policy offers people the pliability to decide on their location of labor and go to places of work solely when vital. The new mannequin additionally offers workers the choice to make money working from home ceaselessly. The agency will additionally supply various profession paths to people who select to make money working from home completely.

The agency has additionally been shifting in the direction of an open workspace mannequin. The organisation is within the strategy of optimising its office area throughout the nation.

“Instead of opting for a model where we have one big office per city, we are moving towards multiple offices to give easy access to our people. This will decrease travel time (whenever being in office is required) and will also give those who do not have appropriate space to work from home the option to work from an office space which is closer to them,” mentioned Chandiok.


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