Hina Khan’s father passes away after affected by cardiac arrest

Hina Khan’s father died in Mumbai on Tuesday after affected by cardiac arrest. The actor was in Kashmir when her father breathed his final and now she is travelling to town instantly. Hina was taking pictures for an upcoming mission with Shaheer Sheikh in Kashmir and has instantly taken a flight on listening to the information of her father’s demise.

The actor had earlier throughout an interplay with Humans of Bombay had spoken at size about her dad and mom and her response to her turning into an actor. Hina had stated, “I come from an orthodox Kashmiri family were becoming an actor was never an option. My parents were even hesitant to send me to Delhi for college but somehow, I convinced Papa. So, when a friend suggested auditioning for a serial, I said no. Upon insistence, I gave it a go & the casting directors loved me! The next day, I was selected for the lead role!”

The actor added, “I moved to Bombay without telling my parents I was 20. The production people helped me find a place. It took me weeks to tell Papa. He was livid. Mom’s friends & relatives cut ties with us. But by then, my serial had gained popularity. After weeks of cajoling, Papa said, ‘you can continue only if you complete your studies.’ Then, my parents moved to Mumbai. I’d shoot all night, study in the breaks, then fly to Delhi to give my exams. The family stress was constantly looming–I told Mom to not bother, but it wasn’t easy. We’d argue a lot. But every year, my serial was the number one show I fell in love with the camera.”

Rest in Peace!

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