How lengthy will robots take to switch people?

The day just isn’t far when a robotic will do all the work in your home. If you have a look at it carefully, a lot of your family chores are already accomplished by means of machines. You have machines for laundry garments or dishes, machines for heating or cooling water, even for cleansing the home. But now it is time for Robots. And these will not be robots that seem like machines, however Humanoid robots. 

The world met Sofia for the primary time on 14 February 2016. Everyone was surprised to see Sofia, who regarded like a human. Not solely this, Saudi Arabia additionally gave citizenship to this Humanoid Robot within the yr 2017.

However, Sofia remained the model ambassador of Humanoid Robots. The Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics that made Sophia has now created Sofia’s sister Grace. Grace has been given the job of a nurse. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace can deal with sufferers who may infect health employees.

Grace’s work as a nurse can show to be a revolution within the medical subject. Now we come to the query, can robots substitute people?

Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute has talked to 353 scientists of the world and tried to know the reply to this query, how lengthy will it take robots to change into absolutely able to doing all the work like people.

In this research, it was discovered that Robots will begin doing the work of truck drivers within the subsequent 25 years. Robots will take over the retail business within the subsequent 10 years

In addition, Robots will begin writing best-selling novels within the subsequent 25 to 50 years. The work of human surgical procedure will be handed over to Robots within the subsequent 25-50 years. The analysis work of arithmetic will even be given to Robots within the subsequent 50 years.

And in concerning the subsequent 125 years, Robots will have the ability to do all the pieces associated to people. That is, by the yr 2146, robots will be seen doing all the pieces associated to people on the earth. However, scientists specific solely a 50 p.c likelihood of this occurring.

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