ITAT organises webinar, attended by Justice Bhatt, Solicitor General Mehta

The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) on November 26 organised an all-India webinar to have fun the 71st Constitution Day. 

Justice PP Bhatt, who’s the President of the ITAT, led the webinar. Justice Bhatt was of the view that it was the time that we specific our gratitude and foresight to constitution-makers.

“Our constitution makers set our targets in the preamble. The preamble talks about securing all its citizens, justice, social, economic and political; liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith, and worship,” mentioned Justice Bhatt. “This day, we are reminded of our duty to the great nation. Our constitution has stood the test of time. The constitutional ideas dominate the agenda of the current government,” he added.

He mentioned that he was additionally happy with the ITAT as its actions resonated with Article 51 of the structure. The ITAT has developed scientific practices following the elemental responsibility and pursued excellence by delivering justice, he additional mentioned.

Article 51 of the Constitution promotes worldwide peace and safety by fostering respect for worldwide legislation and treaty obligations. It encourages settling worldwide disputes by way of arbitration.

Justice Bhatt added that the ITAT made one of the best of the assets through the pandemic.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who additionally joined the webinar, was of the view that structure makers had the imaginative and prescient and problem-solving capability of their thoughts. The relevance of structure goes past authorized phrases, he mentioned.

“[An] important part of Indian constitution is [the] separation of power. [The] Election process is the most transparent in the world. All three wings stood by people of India during the pandemic,” he added.

He additional mentioned that the central government took cost and the prime minister labored with all chief ministers day by day. He praised the Indian judiciary for being the one judiciary on the planet to not shut even for a day through the pandemic.

“Constitution remains a vibrant document. The country owes the success of democratic institutions to the constitution. [The] Supreme Court (SC) worked during Covid which was tremendous. Need to associate with the spirit of the constitution,” mentioned Law Secretary Anoop Kumar Mendiratta, through the webinar.


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