MLS Players Association says delaying season is ‘finest answer’ for Canadian groups

The govt director of the MLS Players Association says delaying the beginning of the 2021 season could be the “best solution” for Canadian groups given the pandemic-related border points.

Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have been pressured to relocate south of the border for a lot of the 2020 marketing campaign because of journey issues brought on by COVID-19.

Toronto performed simply 4 video games at BMO Field earlier than heading to East Hartford, Conn. Montreal moved to Harrison, N.J., while Vancouver went to Portland.

“There is no question that our players on Canadian teams, in a year that was brutally difficult for all players, it was even more so for them and what they had to go through and what they did go through to get the season played was extraordinary,” MLSPA govt director Bob Foose instructed reporters on a convention name Wednesday.

“The last thing we want to do is repeat that experience this year.”

Foose, nevertheless, stated the MLSPA has not had any dialogue with the league on the matter.

“Because we haven’t had any real conversation with them about what the schedule’s going to look like, what pre-season’s going to look like. So unfortunately I can’t report any kind of progress or news there other than to say I certainly understand the importance of the question and I certainly understand what is a very good argument for delaying the season. Particularly since my understanding is that we can get the full season in even if we start later than normal.

“So that could be logical and the most effective answer clearly for the Canadian groups and for us. We’ll have to see if that’s the answer that wins the day.”

On Tuesday, MLS commissioner Don Garber said the league plans to start the season in mid-March.

Garber said while he felt for the challenges facing the Canadian teams, the league had to abide by made-in-Canada health guidelines.

“So I am unable to say the rest other than I do agree that it does have an impression on them and I’m hopeful that we’re capable of get by this in a means that’s going to be somewhat simpler for our Canadian groups and our Canadian gamers,” he stated.


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