Queensland girl charged with issuing pretend Covid vaccine certificates

A former drug addict and youngster prostitute has been charged for allegedly pretending to be a health care provider and issuing a whole bunch of vaccine exemptions.

A Queensland girl charged with pretending to be a health care provider and issuing a whole bunch of false medical exemption certificates for Covid vaccinations is a self-described best-selling creator and former drug addict and teenage prostitute.

While she has been charged beneath the title Maria Carmel Pau, her on-line teaching enterprise for addicts, which consists of references to her title Maria Pau, now additionally makes use of the title Dr Maria Power after her thesis on dependancy was submitted to the University of Southern Queensland.

She is just not a medical physician. Her “Doctor of Professional Studies” title pertains to a thesis on dependancy commenced in 2015 and accomplished in June 2021.

Police will allege the girl advised them she had issued roughly 600 false medical “exemption certificates” in relation to Covid.

In an unique interview, an unrepentant Ms Pau advised information.com.au she had completed “nothing wrong”.

Ms Pau described the police’s execution of a search warrant on Thursday morning as “scary”.

“They took my laptop, they took my phones, they took everything, and all I’m simply doing is protecting the people that don’t want to suffer the adverse effects of Covid-19 PCR tests,” she stated.

“There were eight of them that came. They all had guns. They just came in. They were here for about three hours. It was scary.

“I was videotaping it because I – you know, just to protect myself. I didn’t know what was going to happen or what they were going to do, but in the end, they didn’t want me to video record anything.”

She confirmed she was unvaccinated, and stated she believed it was unfair that the exemptions from vaccination for staff have been so strict.

“I don’t know about anti-vaxxer,” she stated.

“What I have concerns about is people with really informed consent. So if they choose to wait for a certain period of time, and if they have medical conditions that could affect them if they were to have the Covid vaccination, then that’s what I talked to them about.

“Then they decide for themselves whether they choose to get the vaccination or not according to the adverse effects, and all the research that’s out there about the Covid vaccination.”

Speaking at a press convention in Brisbane, Detective Acting Inspector Damien Powell from Taskforce Sierra Linnet stated Ms Pau may face fines and attainable jail time.

“She does not hold a medical doctorate degree. And as I indicated earlier, she’s not registered with Ahpra (the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), nor is she registered with Medicare.

“She’s basically anti-Covid. Does not believe people should be forced into vaccination. She doesn’t believe she’s doing anything wrong.”

Ms Pau has posted a variety of anti-vaccination statements in current months to her Facebook web page and Instagram web page as Dr M Power, claiming there have been “12,000 deaths and rising” from Covid vaccinations.

“Never before have I seen so much confusion over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask, and socially distance even when vaccinated,” she wrote.

“I never had to worry about cardiac issues and or blood clots and DEATHS as a side effect.”

Maria Carmel Pau outlines her story in her ebook, Kill Your Addictions, where she reveals her troubling childhood where she had “no boundaries” and began taking meth. She has additionally mentioned her experiences in a number of on-line movies to advertise the ebook.

“It wasn’t long before I was 18 and I was already working in an agency, selling my body for the drugs I was using,’’ she says in a promotional video discussing her book and addiction counselling.

“I went to Japan to hostess. All the models would work at night. For a good ten years I was using coke and meth and all the drugs. I got ill and I got psychotic.”

Her ebook is described as a “bestseller” on Amazon.

“She started drinking at 13 and began smoking crystal meth at 15 years old. By 18 she was selling her body for a living and spent her twenties modelling, dabbling with marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and LSD,’’ the promotional blurb for the book states.

“Alone and confused, she thought she had it all while partying with socialites, fashionistas, politicians, celebrities and going out with Yakuza, Triad and 5T gangster boyfriends. Her bipolar frenzy took her to 129 cities working in any capacity to support her bad vices and crazy lifestyle.

“Finally she decided she has had enough of the self-inflicted pain, unconscious need for suffering and self-perpetuated heart aches. From this moment on, she decided she wanted to reclaim her life back and regain her self-respect.

“Today, she continually fills her mind with self-development, educational and academic pursuits of excellence. In 2012, she completed her Master of Public Health (KM/H) at the 47th ranked Best University in the world (University of Queensland). Her passion, Coaching With Substance is a registered Public Benevolent Institution with a charitable vision to eradicate the harms caused by addiction, addictive behaviours and co-morbid mental illnesses, one client at a time. As the Founder, she spends her waking moments dedicated to her cause & life purpose.

In a statement, Queensland Police said she was the first person in Queensland to be charged with this offence.

“Police have charged a woman for allegedly pretending to be a doctor and issuing fake medical ‘exemption certificates’ stating a person is exempt from undergoing COVID testing, receiving a vaccine and wearing a mask,’’ Queensland Police said.

“This morning, investigators from Task Force Sierra Linnet, in conjunction with Gold Coast Detectives, executed a search warrant at an address on Robert Street, Labrador, where a woman was arrested.

“A 45-year-old Darling Heights woman has now been charged under Health Practitioner Regulation National Law with five counts of taking a title indicating a person is a health practitioner.”

She is scheduled to look on the Southport Magistrates Court on Thursday, October 28.

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