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New Delhi: Actress Richa Chadha addressed the poster controversy of her upcoming movie ‘Madam Chief Minister’ and referred to as it an “unintentional oversight”. Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a protracted word opening up in regards to the backlash that the poster in concern obtained. 

The ‘Fukrey’ actress wrote, “The first poster that was released faced severe criticism, rightly so. What to me (and my privileged eyes) was a mere prop used by my character in a scene, came across as a stereotypical portrayal of Dalits for many of our people.” 

Released on January 5, the poster, which confirmed Richa holding a brush in her fingers, was condemned by many on social media for seemingly portraying the Dalit neighborhood in a stereotypical mild. 

Calling the movie a “learning experience”, she added that the makers accepted the criticism and launched a new poster quickly after. “They realised this inadvertent error and took this criticism in their stride. They responded immediately by retracting the objectionable poster and by releasing a new poster the very next day.” 

“It was a regrettable and a completely unintentional oversight, not a deliberate insinuation. We are sorry. Our heart is in the right place. Hopefully you will see that for yourself when you watch the film,” Richa stated. 

Realising that she has to bid adieu to her “feisty” character Tara quickly, Richa remarked, “Tara, one feisty oddball of a woman, fights patriarchy, caste oppression, brutal violence along with the usual betrayals of politics, to rise to the top and affect change. And she does so with incredible dignity and courage.” 

“I could relate to her righteous rage. She spoke to me. As the film nears release, I am becoming aware that I have to say goodbye to Tara. I am also aware that she will never entirely leave my side,” she concluded. 

‘Madam Chief Minister’, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the lifetime of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, is helmed by Subhash Kapoor of Jolly LLB fame. The political drama is slated to launch on January 22, 2021. 


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