US relay disqualification, Lynna Irby

US relay disqualification, Lynna Irby


The United States is awaiting the results of an enchantment after being disqualified from the combined 4x400m relay on the opening day of observe and subject motion in Tokyo.

Lynna Irby, the second runner for the US, waited too far up the observe to obtain the baton and regardless of ending first, the Americans had been dominated out for breaking rule 24.19 which states: “For all takeovers, athletes are not permitted to begin running outside their takeover zones, and shall start within the zone. If an athlete does not follow the this rule, their team shall be disqualified.”

Irby was out of place when on the brink of obtain the baton from Elijah Godwin. She wanted to be behind the blue line you’ll be able to see within the picture beneath, however she waited in entrance of it by mistake.

There’s little question Irby was within the incorrect place however the US has appealed, claiming Irby was informed to face within the incorrect spot by a trackside official. American sports activities reporter David Woods tweeted: “I’m told Team USA is appealing DQ in mixed 4×400 relay because officials put No. 2 runner Lynna Irby at wrong exchange line. So what looked like Irby’s error might be official’s error.”

Four-time Olympic gold medallist Michael Johnson additionally stated Irby did nothing incorrect.

“@TeamUSA Mixed 4×4 relay DQ’d. 2nd runner lined up at the wrong line. Our

@BBCSport coverage saw 2 athletes in heat 2 also lined up in the wrong place and corrected themselves last minute,” Johnson tweeted.

“Officials either lined them up wrong or didn’t give direction. US should win appeal.”

Adam Kilgore, a journalist for the Washington Post, then reported Irby’s coach Lance Brauman additionally blamed the mix-up on an official.

“It wasn’t her fault that they made the mistake, and she ran very well,” he stated.

If the disqualification stands, it will rob American star Allyson Felix of the prospect to win a report tenth Olympic medal.

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