US Senate passed a bill to deal with China’s economic influence, furious Beijing said – an attempt to interfere in internal affairs


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sees this as a major political victory that made him a top priority.

This anti-China bill was passed by 68 votes to 32 on Tuesday.


The US Senate has passed a rare bipartisan bill to counter China’s growing economic influence. In this context, billions of dollars are being invested in science and technology. This anti-China bill was passed by 68 votes to 32 on Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer believes it was a major political victory that made him a top priority.

Meanwhile, China firmly denied the law, saying it was an attempt to halt its development and interfere in its internal affairs. The United States. The Innovation and Competition Act calls for more than $100 billion in taxpayers’ money to be invested in US leadership in science and technology innovation to strengthen national security and economic competitiveness.

Schumer told the House of Representatives: “The passage of the bill — now known as the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act — marks a time when the Senate laid the groundwork for another century of American leadership. I repeat that this bill is a turning point for the American Leadership in the 21st Century.”

Regarding the bill, which aims to control China’s economic influence, Senator Chuck Grassley said the ruling Communist Party in China has made every effort to fulfil its desire for economic supremacy, good or bad. The bill is extremely important for competition.

Meanwhile, China on Wednesday condemned the US law, saying it targets an indirect attack on China’s domestic policies and slows its development. China’s foreign affairs commission issued a statement expressing “strong objections and strong opposition” to the US Innovation and Competition Act.

Beijing said in a statement: “To maintain US hegemony, this bill exaggerates China’s so-called human rights threat to interfere in China’s domestic politics.” and China develop. No one should believe that China will accept anything that harms its sovereignty, security or development interests.

China also condemned Taiwan’s support for the law and the mention of Hong Kong. While China claims Taiwan as its share, Hong Kong accuses it of undermining democracy. The statement said that all of these issues “are solely internal Chinese affairs and that foreign interference in this area is not acceptable”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in his daily press conference that the bill distorted the facts in an effort to obstruct China’s development path and interfere with its domestic and foreign policy. “It is America’s business to develop and strengthen its competitiveness,” Wang said. But we are firmly against the United States making China a problem and treating it as an imaginary enemy.

China was also mentioned in the US covid-19 law, where the first case of the outbreak was reported in the city of Wuhan. The United States has taken China to court over the origin of the coronavirus, but China has denied claims of a link between the outbreak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The bill will pass in the US Senate and must also pass in the House of Representatives before being presented to President Joe Biden for approval. The administration of former US President Donald Trump was very strict with China and the new President Biden did not allow any omissions in the US attitude towards China.

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