Would have thrown out China in lower than 15 minutes if Congress was in energy: Rahul Gandhi

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over India’s border standoff with China, saying that if Congress been in energy, it might have thrown out China from the nation in lower than quarter-hour.

The former Congress president while addressing a public gathering at Anaj Mandi right here late this night, as a part of his ‘Kheti Bachao Yatra’, stated Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a “coward”.

“The coward PM says that no one has taken our land. Today, there is only one country in the world whose land has been taken by another country. India is the only country where another country came in and took away 1200 square km. And PM calls himself a ‘deshbhakt’ and the whole country knows that China’s forces are inside our territory, what kind of patriot he is? If we were in power we would have thrown out China in less than 15 minutes,” Gandhi stated.

“I guarantee you when our government was there, China did not have enough power to put even one step in our country. There is only one nation in the entire world whose land has been usurped and that is India and they call themselves patriots,” he added.

Earlier on Tuesday, Rahul Gandhi provided prayers at Geeta Sthali in Kurukshetra.


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